Cutting Edge of Cyber Security

We have a separate team of cyber security experts. Our team is composed of tier one cyber security professionals with global experience, dedicated to providing secured, trusted and integrated cyber protection, firewall solutions, managed cyber security services to government agencies and business alike in Nepal.

We offer a complete portfolio of cyber security solutions using up-to-date technology, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and data analytics. We are a supplier of secure IT solutions and consultancy services as well as providing security architecture, design and implementation of solutions, and managing services for long-term.

CYber Security Analysis

We provide cybersecurity risk analysis for government agencies and businesses identify, manage, and protect data, information, and assets that could be vulnerable to a cyber-attack. We identify potential weaknesses and threats to prevent early before it is too late.

Cyber Security Consulting

We create cybersecurity tailored to exact needs of our clients. We defend with cyber-attacks with proactive, focused and industry-relevant threat intelligence to give you confidence that comes from knowing your business is secured.

Cyber Security Integration

We design a successful integrated security system that plans for future emergencies. Our solution works in line with clients’ current service needs through leveraging existing technologies capable of delivering optimal cyber defense solutions.

Cyber Security Support

Cybersecurity support should be prompt, specific and focused to meet the urgency of problems. We work 24X7 to ensure our clients are secure and get help earliest possible.

Cyber Security Services

We provide on-premise or cloud security services to our clients. We cover all your security needs providing you efficient package working best to protect your business.

We are ready to work and build on-demand solution for your business

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